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Good evening,

I am very happy  to see people reading my posts. And I love your comments: it is fantastic!

Today I will continue to talk about myself: my background, my tastes and my wishes.

I am from the working class. I was born and raised in a small city called Cherbourg in the countryside in Normandy known for its nuclear waste treatment plant (the best one in Europe!) and the cows. Until my twenties, Caen and (of course) Paris were big cities. I came for the first time in Paris at the age of 18 years old. Oh imagine! I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time : so good!!!

I know that public housing does not have a good reputation in Melbourne. Sorry but I lived all my childhood and my teenage years in a renting public housing flat. And my parents still do.

I am really a “pleupleu” in term of music and cinema. I love the 80′s French commercial music, american TV series and movies. This is an example of a French clip with Didier Barbelivien and Felix Gray. Note the mullet of the singers.

I love listening to French radios (with 100% French commercial music) like MFM radio or Nostalgie. If I meet a French famous person in the street, I WANT an autograph. In Melbourne, I do not know who the famous and the wannabes are. So it is ok except once when someone told me that a mum was famous at my playgroup and I felt very awkward to talk to her afterwards. I know it is stupid but this is my “pleupleu” attitude.

To conclude, I will give you a couple of French slangs about redneck: pleupleu, plouc, péquenaud, ou beauf.

Très bonne soirée,




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