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Bonjour tout le monde,

Today, my post will be very short. What I love the most in Melbourne is the coffee. Must be incredible to say that for a French but Melbourne has a lot of beautiful coffee shops and HYPER qualified baristas.

People in Melbourne love having a coffee in a cafe for reading newspapers during the week or the week-end. The atmosphere is very casual and relax as you can see:Cafe in Melbourne

And the most ordered coffee is the famous “LATTE”. It is a coffee made with hot milk but it is becoming an art. You can check the recipe on wikihow.

Hope you will enjoy one latte in Melbourne very soon.


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  1. Steve

    If you want to really be a hipster, you must know at least 5 different types of coffee, have a favourite roast, know the origin of the beans and drink different coffees at different times of the day. It can be more pretentious than wine snobs!

  2. Frenchie


    Just found your website, very interesting as am a Frenchie living in Melbourne for over 20 years! Love the coffee culture in Melbourne – I would say we offer some of the best.. if you know where to go.

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