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Here’s a list of 3 French popular series that are great to improve your listening and to discover the French people like you have never seen them.


1-    Fais pas ci fais pas ça

The series follows the lives of two neighboring families, the Bouley and the Lepic, having opposite educational methods. The Lepic are rather “conservative” while Bouley appear as “bobos”. Despite their social and cultural differences, both families are friends and face often common problems.

Teacher comment : my favorite series.

You can watch this series on France 2

And below a best-of:


2-    Scènes de ménage

The series illustrates the comic cartoons and touching scenes of households of couples, whose life is not a long quiet river, in four different situations.

Marion and Cedric learn to live together.

Emma and Fabien have just had Chloe in their new little house in the countryside.

Liliane and José reinvent married life after Manu their son had left for China.

In the seventies, Huguette learns to tolerate her husband Raymond, retired policeman.

Teacher comment : short series, easy to understand (from intermediate level) because of the actors’ body language.

Click here to have a listen:

and get a first look at “La meteo du genou”:


3-    Plus belle la vie

Plus belle la vie (“Life more beautiful”), sometimes known by the acronym PBLV, is a 5-days-a-week French TV soap.

Reflecting the daily lives of the inhabitants of “le Mistral”, an imaginary neighbourhood in the Mediterraneanport city of Marseille, where wealthy families cross paths with the less than rich, two main types of storyline dominate, covering:

- the day-to-day doings of the inhabitants of le Mistral, their troubles and triumphs, and the evolution of their love-lives and friendships;

- the criminal intrigues in which certain residents of the neighbourhood are involved.

Teacher comment: a real hit in France for now seven year and listen to the accent.

Take a look here:


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